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Tourist hotels if visiting Shaba Game reserve

                                                         Sarova Shaba Game lodge - Shaba Larsens tented camp - Samburu Samburu Serena - Samburu Samburu Simba lodge - Samburu Samburu game lodge - Samburu

      Shaba game reserve is part of Kenya’s northern tourist circuit popularly known as the Samburu Ecosystem. Shaba game reserve lies to the east of Samburu and Buffalo Springs national reserves. Together the three reserves form a large protected area. Ewaso Nyiro river touches the northern boundary of the reserve. The reserve is semi desert, dotted with isolated hills and many springs which support the wildlife that live here. Shaba was the setting for the book and film Born Free, for the film Out of Africa and for the reality show Survivor Africa. The reserve is a popular destination with tourists. Shaba is home to five rare species known as the five northern species which are: grevys zebra, reticulated giraffe, beisa oryx, somali ostrich and gerenuk. Shaba is also home to the endangered Williamsons lark. Activities include game viewing safaris, nature walks, entertainment by pastoralist cultural dancers and visits to Samburu cultural villages.
                   Visit Shaba game reserve and you will not be disappointed !

Park activities

      game viewing bird watching camping scenery trekking photography safaris
Note: Accommodation in this park can be BOOKED individually or with a Safari. (see All safaris | Saf K.17 | Saf K.18 )


      Shaba game reserve is the natural home to 5 rare species known as the five northern species usually found in this area. They are grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, beisa oryx, somali ostrich and the gerenuk. Shaba is also the home for the highly endangered Williamson’s lark. Other animals include: masai giraffes, grant's zebras, klipspringer, hyrax, aardvarks, warthogs, bat-eared foxes, eland, impala, grant's gazelles, gerenuk, greater kudu, lesser kudu, masai lions, serengeti wolf, black-backed jackal, striped hyena, spotted hyena, leopards and elephants.
    • Miracle Lioness: The lioness from this area named "Kamunyak" adopted a baby oryx which became headline news all over the world. This was odd behaviour for the lioness which scientists could not explain.
    • Bufallo Springs game reserve nearby: This reserve forms the Samburu ecosystem on the other side of Ewaso nyiro river. Visitors can explore Shaba, Bufallo springs and Samburu game reserves together for maximum northern circuit wildlife viewing experience.


     Many birds have been spotted in shaba such as african darter, great egret, white-headed vulture, martial eagle and yellow billed ox-pecker. Large birds include ostriches and secretary birds.


      Due to the hot climatic conditions in this area, snakes and lizards thrive here. You should not be surprised to come across a large black mamba snake !


     Visitors to this reserve can find different types of accommodation according to their budget ranging from lodges, tented camps and open-air camping sites. Accommodation include:
    • Sarova Shaba game lodge - The lodge offers 85 modern rooms in chalet style.
    • Samburu Larsens’ Camp - Camp offers 20 luxury tents located along the banks of Uaso Nyiro River.
    • Samburu Serena lodge - The lodge offers 62 guest rooms.
    • Samburu Game Lodge - The lodge offers 61 guest rooms.
    • Samburu Simba lodge - The lodge offers 7 villas each with 10 guest rooms.
    • Samburu Sopa.
    • Saruni Samburu Lodge.
    • Sasaab – The Safari Collection.
    • Samburu Intrepids.
    • Elephant Watch Camp.
    • Elephant Bedroom.
    • 2 permanent camp sites.
    • 4 special campsites.
    • 4 public campsites.
    • Assorted picnic sites .

Permanent camp sites

   • Game trackers    • Lion king Safari.

Special camp sites

   • Doom Palm campsite Von derdecken (hornbill) campsite    • Grevy campsite    • Impala Campsite.

Public campsites

   • Vervet Monkey    • Butterfly    • Kigelia    • Kingfisher.

Park entry: The park is open daily from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.
      Entry on foot is prohibited and visitors are turned away after 6:00 pm.
Entry to the park is by smart card only, obtained and loaded at the main gate.

Land of Beisa Oryx - the Samburu special

      Shaba game reserve is famous for its unique wild life. Wild life resident in this area include: grevy's zebra, somali ostrich, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk and beisa oryx also referred to as Samburu special. The reserve is also known for its large elephant population. There are over 900 elephants in this area. Large predators such as the lion, leopard and cheetah also live here. Wild dogs can also be spotted in this park.
                                        (Contact us to book 'Samburu Safari')

How to get there

      •   By Road: Shaba game reserve is located in Samburu district in the Rift Valley province of Kenya. It is bordered to the north by Ewaso Nyiro river which separates it from Samburu national reserve. It can therefore be accessed via Ngare Mare and Buffalo Springs gates.
      •   By Air: Shaba game reserve can be accessed by air directly from Wilson airport in Nairobi. Commercial airstrips are available.
     (Make sure to contact us if you wish to visit this park for your next holiday activity.)

Park Entry Fee

Park charges are based on " " Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) tariffs which are reviewed from time to time. The rates we have quoted here are for information purposes and are indicative of the likely park charges you can incur. They are approximate. However please note that if you have booked a complete wildlife safari package with us, park charges are included in the total cost of your safari at the time of booking. Therefore you need not worry about park entry fee!
               Tsavo national park entry Fee

Terms and Conditions

      •  Never get out of the vehicle except at designated spots if you are on a safari.
      •  Do not harass the animals in any way.
      •  Keep to the tracks and no off-road driving is allowed.
      •  Animals always have the right of way.
      •  Shaba is semi-arid and dusty so be sure to carry sun shades and appropriate clothing.
      •  The park accepts Safari Cards.
      •  Park Entry Fee are based on KWS Tarrifs.
      •  There are a few commercial airstrips around the park.
      •  Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Additional information

Scheduled local flight services to Samburu are available from Nairobi's Wilson Airport.

Our E-Mail contacts for General Enquiries

General E-Mail: info@crombietours.com. Tours desk: sales@crombietours.com.