Privacy Statement

We at Crombie Tours value your privacy.

At Crombie tours services we are sensitive to privacy issues on the internet. We have provided a privacy statement so that you can know how we handle the information we receive on the internet about you. It will give you an insight of our online information privacy practices and handling techniques.

Information collected online.

In general you may visit our website without telling us who you are or revealing personally identiafiable information about you. Our servers collect the domain names, operating system you are using (e.g Windows, Mackintosh) and the browser (e.g. Explorer, Mozilla firefox, Safari, Netscape). Our servers also record the number of visits per page each day called ‘hits per webpage’. All this information is aggregated each day to measure the number of visits per webpage, average time spent per visit and number of webpages viewed. We use this information statistically to anable us analyse and know which web-content needs improving or revision. E-mail addresses and other personally identifiable information such as first name, last name, address, telephone number etc are known only when voluntarily provided by the webpage visitor for enquiries, registration or any other form of interaction by the visitor when seeking our services.
     Identifiable information we may collect include:
     •    Electronic Card details - card number, card start date, card expiry date, card issue number-(if delta or switch), card holder's name, address as known to card issuer.
     •    Personal Information - surname, other names, address, city/town, zip/post code, country, mobile tel no., home/office tel. no., fax no., e-mail address.

How we use the Information.

We use the personal information you provide for any of the following purposes:
     (1) - to understand statistically the use of our website for improvement purposes.
     (2) - to respond to requests from web visitors.
     (3) - to protect the security of our website(s).
     (4) - to send you notices and newsletters as subscribed or requested.
     (5) - given out to our sub contracted service providers to satisfy your request for services i.e accommodation, transport, meals, air ticketing follow-up and other related services you may have requested.

E-mail solicitation may take the form of e-mailed newsletters or other informative 1-page targeted marketing articles. Telephone calls may be used where we are transacting business with a client. If you do not wish to receive these solicitations from us where we have used any of your personally identifiable information please notify us. However please note that removal of your personally identiable information from our database must be inline with the existing data retention Kenyan legislation on Data Protection and Privacy laws and the Kenyan constitution. The law requires retention for at least 7 years after which you have the right to request for removal of your record.
At times we may conduct online surveys to better understand the needs and profiles of our visitors, followers and clients. When we conduct a survey, we will let you know how we will use the information you provide at the time we collect the information from you on the internet.
We may also use personally identifiable information for aggregate statistical analysis to gain an insight into existing trends that would help with our accounting and marketing processes.
We may also disclose such personal information for the purpose of a law enforcement request if in our view lack of such disclosures will put the company in breach of existing legislation.
Although we have taken appropriate measures to safeguard against unauthorized disclosures of privacy information, we cannot assure you that the "identifiable" information we collect shall never be disclosed in a manner that is not consistent with this Privacy Statement. If in your view such personal information is being used by other un-authorised sites to contact you to market their products you may wish to block such sites. Such sites give you an opportunity to opt out.
If you do not wish to receive any communication from Crombie Tours Services, please CONTACT US and tell us.

Our Agents and Contractors.

Our Agents and service contractors may have access to your "identifiable" information through our records for the purpose of processing your requests.

However, whenever such personal information is submitted to a third party sub-contracted by us for the sole purpose of processing your request, our Privacy Policy superseeds any other and it is binding.

Information Collected by Third Parties.

Our Website is linked to Third Party sites. These third party sites may have different online personal information collection practices from our Privacy Statement.
Site visitors should be aware that we have no control if you submit or avail your "identifiable personal information to third parties".

Data Retention Policy.

Our Data Retention Policy requires that we store ALL our data for not less than 7 (seven) years. Any visitor who abuses our website or webpage-contents will be investigated and available details forwarded to the relevant arm(s) of the law.

Security statement.

The Company will endeavour to use correctly the information we collect online, and will put in place appropriate physical, electronic or managerial procedures to safeguard and maintain data security and integrity where humanely possible and help prevent un-authorized access to this data.

     Our offices are strategically located at:
     Juja City Mall Complex, Juja, Nairobi, Kenya.
     Our contacts are:
     •   Generic e-mail is: where all your enquiries, queries and concerns will be addressed.
     •   Postal address is: P. O. Box 38221-0100, Nairobi, Kenya.
     •   Our hotline number is: +254(0)7729 10709.

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