Terms & Conditions


If you book one of our packaged or tailor made safaris we expect the full amount of the tour cost to be paid into our nominated account immediately after we confirm that all the accommodation and tour activities you have chosen are available.

Tours desk      Where activities you have chosen are not available, we shall propose to you other activities of similar value and may vary the final costing of your tour. Please be aware that we have no control on these prices and are dependent on our service providers and market forces and as such we can not negotiate on these prices with you. However we can offer you discounts based on various factors such as number of people travelling together, loyal client and type of safari/activities. Our policy is first come first served (FIFO) and from our experience any delay may cost you more or you can totally miss out the accommodation you desire and deserve.
Tours desk     An important point for you to note is that if you plan to visit Maasai Mara and Serengeti national parks during the wildebeest migration or during the festive seasons, demand on lodges and camp sites accommodation is very high and you can easily get disappointed if you are booking your adventure trip on very short notice. It is advisable that you plan early and pay for your trip well in advance.
Tours desk     We therefore require that once you accept and confirm the quoted ‘final tour cost’ we shall normally prepare for you, that the ‘final tour cost’ be paid into our nominated account immediately otherwise we can not commit to this tour on your behalf. Our ‘final tour cost’ quotations are valid for (1–7) days and are dependent on the season you make your booking. We also can not guarantee that the accommodation you have chosen will be available after a given timeframe.
Tours desk     We require that you scan and e-mail or make available to our office a copy of your proof of payment such as money deposit slip. Once we receive the copy of your proof of payment, we shall confirm all the reservations of your chosen hotels, lodges, tented camps, excursions and any other activities immediately.


Tours desk     In the event that there is a delay from the time we send you the quoted ‘final tour cost’ and the time you make your payment and forward the proof of payment to our office, you will be advised on any price variations as a result of the delay between the 'initial' and ‘final tour cost’ we had quoted and the ‘cost today’ to which you must accept by sending us an e-mail confirmation that you will honor this payment difference. The balance must be paid not later than 2 working days after we receive your confirmation e-mail. In the event that we do not receive the balance payment you had promised or official written confirmation to continue the processing of your transport and hotel bookings after expiry of this 2 day period, the company reserves the right to cancel your itinerary if payment has not been received in full. The money you had paid us if any will be refunded minus our administration costs and reservation(s) penalty charges incurred by the time of the expiry of this period. You will also incur our cancellation fee detailed below.

(See our cancellations policy below)


Tours desk      Prices are based on rates and other costs prevailing in the market at the time of booking and making your reservations. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please note that we do not control these prices. Prices we quote are dependent on the market.
Tours desk      If you are a travel agent or tour operator working in partnership with us, the prices we normally quote for you are Nett prices. This enables you to work with us as your preferred business partner. Our corporate clients normally enjoy discounted contract rates which we can arrange for depending on the amount of business we receive from them.


Tours desk      Money paid covers all the expenses related to the tour vehicle hire, the drivers/guides allowances, hotel/lodge/tented camp full board accommodation with three (3) square meals whilst on Safari unless specified otherwise. Other costs covered are government taxes, service charge and park entrance fees i.e.
        ◊ 16% tax on park entry fees and
        ◊ 2% tourism development levy.
     ** Not includedAir fares (unless stipulated as part of an air Safari in your itinerary), airport taxes, visa fees, gratuities, tips, artefacts, photographs, beverages such as lager and other alcoholic drinks, laundry and such other personal expenses.


Tours desk      Rooms booked and reserved throughout the hotels/lodges/tented camps normally have private baths or showers on the basis of two (2) people sharing a double room. Single rooms where available are charged as a supplement.


Tours desk      Safari minibus and landcruisers are maintained to the highest standards. The minibuses have pop-up roofs while the land cruisers have canvas canopy with open sides to allow 360 degrees view. The minibuses are 7-9 seaters and the land-cruisers are 5-7 seaters. They are well equipped with cool boxes, binoculars and first aid kits. Seats in the tour vehicles and light air craft for your safari shall be provided according to your itinerary and number of tourists in a group. Groups of 7 or 5 may be allocated (1) one tour vehicle if they so wish. No alterations to seat arrangements will be made at the inconvenience of other parties. English speaking drivers/guides are provided. Special couriers/tour guides will be provided on request at an extra cost. For non-English speaking tourists, any person engaged as a translator will be charged on them.


Tours desk      The Company reserves the right to change or alter any tour route as outlined in your itinerary if the prevailing conditions dictate. An equally valuable tour route will be organised and proposed to you. You have the right to accept or decline. You will be adviced in due course if any refunds will be due if your tour becomes incomplete from an act which is not your own or ‘self inflicted’ in other words. The company reserves the right to cancel the operation of any scheduled tour at any given time if in the view of the company it becomes dangerous to operate such a tour. The right is also reserved to decline to accept or retain any person(s) as members of a tour group at any time during a Safari in which case an equitable amount of money shall be refunded.


Tours desk      The Company, its agents and sub-contractors only act as agents of the passenger in all matters relating to hotel accommodation and transportation. The company’s liability to passengers carried in its own vehicles is governed by the laws of that country or county in which the tour takes place and no other country or county. All claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the country or county in which an incident takes place. The company reserves the right to engage sub-contractors for all or part of its services. The company cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of your luggage. It is your responsibility.

Tours desk     Travel insurance.
Life, travel and luggage insurance is advised. Please Do NOT travel without any insurance cover. Our company policy advices that you purchase Travel Insurance cover prior to commencement of your tour.


Tours desk In the event of cancelling the processing of a final itinerary, the following conditions will apply:
    a) Cancellation MUST be given in writing as soon as possible for our records.
    b) If cancellation is received in our office 14 working days or more before your travel date the full deposit amount will be refunded minus all our administration charges and penalties incurred for the reservations of hotels/lodges/tented camps and transport services already confirmed and any other related costs already incurred. Our cancellation fee will be 10% of the tour cost which will cover our administration cost.
    c) If cancellation is received in our office less than 14 working days but more than 5 working days before commencement of your tour, a penalty charge of 15% of the total tour cost in addition to the cancellation charge plus costs already incurred mentioned in b) above will be raised.
    d) If cancellation is received in our office less than 5 working days before commencement of your tour, no refund will be due. A penalty charge of 30% of the total tour cost in addition to the cancellation charges from our service providers plus other costs such as transport services already confirmed as mentioned in b) above will be incurred. Without prejudice all the above charges will enable us cover the administrative costs and penalties charged by Hotels, lodges, tented camps and transport services.

    Note: Unless it is very necessary to cancel confirmed bookings, it is costly to cancel confirmed hotel reservations and transport services since they impose cancellation charges. We recommend that you only confirm your hotels and lodges accommodation when you are 100% sure that you will travel. Please do not change your mind and instead aim to have 'That life changing Safari experience' that we have promised.