Your Safety

In the National Parks & Game reserves.

NEVER leave the tour vehicle to go on foot when wild animals are nearby! Keep a safe distance to avoid agitating them. The big five such as the rhino and the elephant can charge at you. It would be a matter of life and death. Please note that to ensure your safety a tour guide is always provided for all your tour activities. Excursions are usually booked separately where you will be given safety advice which is important for you to follow. Do not get over excited and put yourself in danger.


Children under 8yrs are usually NOT allowed in the tree hotels due to the close proximity of wild animals in the salt licks and waterholes. It is for their own safety. However, there are children's Nights wherby children are allowed at the Tree Hotels only on specified nights and children must be in sight at all times. For details, please contact us before you plan your tour into the tree hotels with your children.


Please avoid making unneccessary noise when near wild animals as this will scare them away. They may also charge at you as you will be invading their space. Wild animals with youngsters are very dangerous. If you spot one please keep your distance. A lone animal kicked out from its family like a male elephant or bull buffalo is very dangerous to go near it as it is very angry. It might vent its anger on you! Be wise and keep your distance from such animals. Your tour guide will give you good advice how to approach if you wish to go nearer to take your photographs.

Monkeys & Gorillas.

You will see a lot of monkeys and gorillas in the forests even away from Game Parks and National Reserves. They may seem harmless but do not get fooled. They are watching you. Please do not feed them, get too close or throw anything at them. Instead you should be the one watching them to keep them away from stealing your food, bags or cameras otherwise they will be looking for any opportunity to take something that interests them from you.

Safe deposit boxes

Hotels in Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali, Arusha, Kisumu and Mombasa and in most other places you will visit have safe deposit boxes. Always lock up your cash and valuables in these safe boxes. Most hotels have these services when you check-in.

Mixing with local people.

If you plan to mix with the local people during your daily excursions or personal errands, carry small amounts of money and avoid exposing a lot of jewellery and expensive cameras. All the local Kenyan tribesmen are very pleasant but it is in your interest to keep yourself safe.

Dress code

Dress simply and comfortably. Avoid exposing yourself too much as this may not be appreciated by the local people. The coastal regions of Mombasa and Dar es salaam are mainly Muslim meaning that they expect you to respect their culture by wearing acceptable clothing.


(Important Notice) - Every time you take up an expedition with us in the Game Parks, National Reserves and Marine parks, Mountain climbing, Mountain hiking, Boat rides in the lakes and rivers, Balloon excursions, Nature trail, Bird watching et cetera; you must accept that there is at times a PERSONAL RISK and it can be of a hazardous nature. The company is not liable for any loss, damage, injury, expense, delay or inconvenience caused either to the expedition member(s), their baggage or any other claim as a result whether directly or indirectly where claim is categorised as 'self-inflicted'. It is advisable for you to buy Travel Insurance before you start on your tour to guard against such loss. However we adhere to all the relevant legislation in place regulating the travel industry within our jurisdiction including bonding such as KATO to ensure we can give you peace of mind incase of any unwanted eventualities you might experience during your trip.

     (Please read Our Terms & Conditions Guide on The company’s liability and Jurisdiction of courts).

    Your Liability: By taking up a Safari, Excursion or any other Expedition with us means you have (ACCEPTED) all our Terms & Conditions.

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